What Is Reality

What is reality

When we look at Questions with a big Q, the question, "what is reality" is probably the first one that pops up in mind. It's probably the one question that most of us have been asking, in one way or another.

From the skeptics point of view, we're probably talking about the pain we feel when we fall of our motorcycle. Or something similar. But is that reality, or is reality something completely different.

The Spoon, The Matrix and The Illusion

There is no spoon

One of the things that regularly pops up in my head, is the scene in the film The Matrix, when Neo is waiting for the Oracle. He encounters a little boy that bends spoons with his mind. This of course arouses the curiosity of Neo who wonders how the boy manages to bend the spoon. The boy replies simply with the remark;

Express Gratitude

I’ve often said that religious people are usually more happy than those who claim to be none religious, even claim to be none believers. This is something that has raised aggressive responses from the none religious, who claim that a lot of none religious people are happy.

I agree that there are happy none religious people out there. But I stand by my statement, that happiness is more common among religious ones.

True Wealth, What Really Matters

We all seem to be seeking wealth of some sort, true wealth being the principal goal. Of course the money is a primary choice for most individuals, when it comes to describing wealth. But is that really something that we would call true wealth?

It’s a certain revelation, when one experiences an earthquake of 6,3 on the Richer scale, especially when one is only few kilometers away from the source. Seeing ones house move and half of the kitchen utensils fly out of the cupboard is something that actually makes a point.

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